The world’s most advanced video-enhancing HDMI cable

Your TV deserves better pixels

Despite the explosive growth of 4K televisions in the market, there is extremely limited availability of 4K content.
That's why we created the mCable™.

The mCable™

This extrodinary HDMI cable can enhance and upscale 1080p HD up to 4K quality. It also transforms 480p SD and 720p HD up to 1080p HD quality.
mcable enhanced video
mcable enhanced video

Works with all content

Marseille’s new product works with any source device with an HDMI output, including Blu-ray/DVD players, set-top boxes, Apple TV, Roku, Tivo, as well as video game consoles. It also improves Blu-ray content, as well as legacy DVD and broadcast television content.
mcable enhanced video
mcable enhanced video

Enhanced Video

mCable™’s built-in processor filters and enhances your video content before it reaches your television to give you an amazingly clean and sharp visual experience.
With Marseille’s proprietary contextual processing algorithms, every pixel receives special treatment, which enhances details and produces greater levels of resolution, depth and realism. The output is greater than the input!
mcable enhanced video mCable Enhanced Video unenhanced video Normal Video

The only hdmi cable that improves picture quality

The mCable™ is far superior to any HDMI cable on the market today, as the only cable that enhances picture quality.
In real time, the mCable™ is capable of taking HD content and generating 4K content, 4K Image Certified by Technicolor

Enhanced Video Output

The mCable™’s contextual video processors dramatically enhance content quality and restore damaged content by analyzing each pixel in its context to determine the most suitable processing for the pixel. The result is an amazingly enhanced video output
mcable's amazing color management

Edge Restoration

The mCable™ helps enormously to achieve good edge restoration.

Amazing Color Management

mCable's exceptional color management helps improve the video output even more.

Certified by

The mCable™ is the only cable 4K Image Certified by Technicolor, Hollywood’s premier technology provider